4-Person Basket Type: 1145-4

1145-4 is a high quality basket, with space for up to 4 persons

3 eyed padeye

The designed pad eye, gives multiple attachement points for the lifting sling and compensator. This security feature, gives a redundance to the important lifting sling.

Closing Straps

The closing straps helps to prevent from falling out of the transport basket. They are equiped with snap-lock to ensure a fast release in emergency situations. HS code: 40169400 Art.No.: 29211


The topnet is attached above the passangers. In case of an objekt is falling down from a higher position than the basket, passengers are secured from the impact. HS code: 56081990 Art.No.: 29018


Lifting -sling to attache the basket to the lifting device. The lifting sling is available in 3mtr. & 5mtr. length, and as Chain-sling & Wire-sling model. Furthermore there is a dynamik compensator attached to both gives a smooth lift of the ground and a redundance. In case the main sling collapses, is the compensator able to carry the basket together with its payload. HS code: 84314920

Bumper fender

The orange bumper fender, protects passengers from deceleration by landing, and if the basket is subjected to a lateral impact. The fenders are UV-protected to better withstand sun light. HS code: 40169400 Art.No.: 29200


The rope-webbing, protects the passengers from falling out of the basket. It ís made with, maintenance free, 14mm & 22mm spliced nylon ropes. HS code: 63061200 Art.No.: 29010

Guide rope

Every basket is equiped with 2 pieces of guide-ropes each with a length of 10mtr. These guide-ropes helps to control the basket from swinging just before the landing. Thereby, the basket can´t tilt by landing. The guide rope is equiped with a weak link, which breaks at a stress of 4510 N, to protect the personal at ground. HS code: 63061200 Art.No.: 29040


The original SAFE TRANSFER® baskets are “non-collapsible”, 100% manufactured in EU, and made of AISI316L stainless steel. The steel is welded to form a corrosion resistant rigid frame. The flooring is made in 5mm aluminum plates with non skid surface.                                                                                    It is enormously important to us that even the smallest parts meet our strict safety requirements. Therefore, all used screws, nuts and bolts are made in AISI 316 stainless steel, to be well protected in the offshore environment.


The lifting sling contains two independent slings, one of which is an elastic compensator the other is a chain-sling or wire-sling, depending on our customers preference.

Each of the slings can carry the basket with its payload, in case the other sling collapses.

The lifting sling is available with a length of 3mtr. or 5mtr. and will be attached to the crane hook with two large masterlinks of size 32*270*140 (mm).


1 person can be transported on a stretcher, while 2 rescuers are standing beside the stretcher. The stretcher can directly be mounted to the basket by using ratchet straps and without need for any other tools, to ensure a safe and rapid transport of the injured person.


  • Height:     3222 mm
  • Diameter: 2600 mm
  • Tare:          465 kg
  • Payload:    500 kg or 4-person


  • Wave height:  3.5mtr.(NLS) 6mtr. (LS)
  • Wind speed:   15m/s (NLS) 17m/s (LS)
  • Temperature:  -40°C to +70°C


The basket will be handed out with a physical folder, which contains all certificates, an instruction video on CD and the last performed QA checklist according to our ISO 9001 certification.

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